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IMG_2509 IMG_2508 IMG_2507With the Alpharing being about as far south in the the Midwest as you can get, we didn’t expect a large turnout. But in UF1 quality is as good as a crowd any day.

Carbondale did not disappoint, and why would it? With drivers like Jim Piersol and Skip Starkey on track we had the makings of a great battle.

Saturday saw Piersol on the pole with his new CRC chassis and Starkey along side with the Speed Passion SP1. Jack Klober came down from St Louis to join the party and sat 3rd on the grid on Saturday.

After three very intense 15 minute mains Starkey was able to beat Piersol to the top of the podium and win the round. Piersol came home 2nd and Klober managed to hang on to the spot that he qualified in and round out the podium.

Sunday dawned and with better traction and the arrival of Rob King in Carbondale. King showed up with his well tuned SP1 ready to throw down with the hitters from Saturday.

While qualifying 5th King used his well tuned car to quickly move up and battle with Pierso, again the pole sitter and number 2 qualifier Chris Baumgartner.

At the end of the 3 mains Piersol found the victory that eluded him in Round 3, Baumgartner held station in 2nd, and King made yet another podium appearance, his 2nd of the season.

Next round will see us at the new Pro Level track in StLouis for Rounds 5 and 6


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